Accent Reduction In English Speech
Helping ALL people speak English clearly.
from former students
  "You have changed my life.  My accent is reduced, my vocabulary is enriched, my speech is fluent. Because of this course, I have more to write and more to say. I am not afraid to speak in public.
  "No matter how much knowledge you have, if you cannot express it, it is worth nothing. I wish I had met you when I first came to America. I would have been more successful in my college years; but it is never too late to do something good."
E.C., Haiti, Nurse

  "I had the opportunity to learn and to correct errors I learned from 'street English' or from contact with persons who have more problems than I do."

G.F.M., Colombia, Physical Therapist

  "I passed the TOEFL test! People understand me much better now, and I can understand them better, too."

S.Z., Ukraine, Physician

  "As a result of practicing every day, my spoken and written English have improved substantially."

M.P., Argentina, Corporate C.E.O.

  "My self-confidence in speaking has increased, and I can pronounce new sounds correctly even without thinking about them.  I also learned enough about my problems so that I can continue to improve on my own."

C.X., China, Librarian
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Accent Reduction In English Speech
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